GuavaPass Review & Promo Code

My colleague shared with me about fitness pass (both Kfit & Guava Pass) previously because I was attending 4 yoga classes each week at Yoga Movement.

After much consideration, I decided to try Guava Pass Unlimited Class for 1 month
(SGD 169 – SGD 40 = SGD 129). Personally, I like variety and no tie-down of 2 years package with one particular place.

Recently, there have been gyms closing down in Singapore and people left stranded with no more gym and no compensation as they had to pay upfront thousands of dollars for 2 years package.

I think fitness pass is a good way to explore fitness places before deciding which fitness place you like to go permanently or more regularly.

1. How much is Guava Pass?

No Guava Pass Unlimited GuavaLite
Contract Type Month-to-Month 3 Month 6 Month Monthly
Classes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4 classes
Price SGD 169 SGD 159 SGD 149 SGD 99

Prices are updated as of December 2016

2. Is there any Guava Pass Promo Code?

For new Guava Pass member, you can get SGD 40 off the first month with a referral code. Once you are a member, you can refer friends and get SGD 40 off for your following month membership.

If you are interested, below is Guava Pass promo code (SGD 40 off)

My Guava Pass promo code:

3. Review of classes attended

Anyway, below are the classes I took and will update the list as I go. Just click on the studio and it will link to the review of the studio, class & prices of their classes.

No Studio Class Name Type of Class Instructor Credits
1 WeBarre Fundamentals Barre Ming 3
2 Pilates Plus Roll & Stretch Pilates Alethea 2
3 Kulture Studio Popping Dance Marcus 3
4 Deekshayoga Rope Yoga Yoga Joshi 3
5 Deekshayoga Hip Opening Flow Yoga Joshi
6 360 Fitness Indoor Cycling Indoor Cycling Sophie 3
7 Big Fitness Kickboxing Kickboxing Wallace 3

To find out more about Guava Pass, kindly check their website.

4. What I think about Guava Pass in Singapore?

I think Guava Pass in Singapore is great even though I only tried it for a month (because I relocated to Hong Kong).

Firstly, the app has great user interface and user experience. It is easy to check what classes are available near you, with filters to choose the type of exercises you like. I took quite a wide range of exercises.

Yoga and dance is a must for me. It’s my basic exercise routine. I love stretching classes because my body is stiff. Painful yet satisfying.

I never knew about barre but it is one of the killers to work out all muscles plus improve your sense of rhythm. It’s a love hate relation for me.

Indoor cycling isn’t my thing and I almost died in class.

Kickboxing is a great way to sweat it out and I imagined myself as some kongfu master with all the kicking.

I highly recommend pilates roll & stretch as it rolls out all the stiffness. I was in so much pain and realised how unhealthy I was… Try out the class and you will understand.

I completed 10 classes within the month, with some repeated classes.

5. Is it worth taking unlimited classes?

Each studio has set their class limit for each month. It is only unlimited if you take a huge variety of classes. I took unlimited classes because I just quitted my job and had more time to spare.

If you workout at least 3 times a week (which is a must to stay healthy), why not?

6. What are the things to take note before signing up Guava Pass?

Firstly, you need to decide if you want a monthly or 3 month pass. For monthly pass, you can cancel any time through the website. If you cancel halfway through your 3 month pass, there will be a penalty fee of 1 month. Unless it is cancelled on the 3rd month, there will be no penalty fee.

Secondly, there is late cancellation fee and no show fee for the reserved classes. Take note on your class bookings to avoid additional charges.

Thirdly, depending on the studios, some allow last minute booking like on the day itself (a few hours before the class starts).

Lastly, their partners might change. Meaning some studios might no longer be partnering Guava Pass.

7. Is fitness pass a replacement for gym?

I never had any gym membership before. Hahaha… I think it is a great way to keep track of your exercise routine and explore different classes with fitness pass. If you find something you like, then you can sign up for courses for more visits with the particular studio.

8. Guava Pass or KFit fitness pass?

People always ask this question but actual I think both are slightly different.

Guava Pass focus more on exercises while KFit has included spa & beauty too. The studios provided by Guava Pass are really good. The staff actually attended classes before partnering them.

I can’t speak for KFit Singapore but my ex-colleague has been with KFit for more than 6 months. I am currently with KFit Hong Kong for 4 months and I think I will continue because of the great studios available and the amount of savings I made if I didn’t use KFit (HKD 901 / SGD 160 each month).

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 12.08.26 AM

Classes in Hong Kong are relatively more expensive compared to Singapore.

Generally, Guava Pass is more expensive than KFit. Pick Guava Pass if you exercise frequently. You can also use Guava Pass overseas while KFit does not allow. Honestly, I didn’t take full 10 classes each month.

For KFit, you need to send an email to cancel your subscription and it has to be 2 weeks before the next occurring charge.

Updated May 2017

I have moved to Hong Kong in 2017. Even though GuavaPass can be used across many countries, I have stopped my subscription with GuavaPass.

Firstly, the monthly charges of GuavaPass Hong Kong is +28% more than Singapore. Secondly, I felt the studios with GuavaPass Hong Kong are limited.

Currently I am using KFit in Hong Kong instead (10 classes). Check out the comparison post I did between GuavaPass & KFit in Hong Kong before deciding. Hope it helps.

Updated April 2019

GuavaPass is only available in China (Beijing, Shanghai) & India (Mumbai).

Till then…

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