We love Indonesian food.

Bejana is the luxury resort’s signature Indonesian restaurant. Named for the Indonesian word that describes a traditional culinary vessel, Bejana presents a unique mix of five-star flair and relaxed sophistication. -Ritz Carlton Bali

We went to Bejana twice during our 4 nights stay with Ritz Carlton.

My husband, thinking hard what to eat on our 2nd visit.

Bejana Bali.jpg

After much consideration, this was what we ordered.

Bejana Bali 4.jpg

We had 12 pieces of satay. Below is 6 pieces of pork satay (IDR 75, 000 ++ / SGD 7.70 ++)

Bejana Bali 5.jpg

Mixed of 6 pieces of satay (IDR 95, 000 ++ / SGD 9.80 ++)

Bejana Bali 7.jpg

BEBEK BETUTU -Balinese Style Roast Duck in Banana Leaf (IDR 240, 000 ++ / SGD 25 ++)

Bejana Bali 2.jpg

IKAN WOKU – North Sulawesi Spiced Barramundi, Red Bean Parcel, Lemon Basil
(IDR 240, 000 ++ / SGD 25 ++)


Beef Rendang was ordered during our 1st visit.

Bejana Bali 9.jpg

The beef rendang was so good and it was a huge portion. The picture I took didn’t do justice to it’s taste.

Anyway, you should try Bejana if you are staying at Ritz Carlton Bali.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Just note that in Indonesia, you need to pay 11% government tax & 10% service charge. A total of 21% to your bill.

Till then…

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