Canon G7X Mark II

Got myself a new camera after I read so much rave about Canon G7X Mark II. A smart & compact camera. One that I can carry around to take pictures & videos as my 16GB iPhone is running out of space.

Currently retailing at SGD 799 but thanks to my colleague, I got Canon staff rate. I also got the Canon case ( RL CC-G06).

Took some pictures with it and would like to share.

A snapshot of my cat, Lilo (Non edited)


Another shot of Lilo in a bag (non edited)


YSL Paper Bag


YSL makeup from Japan


Dinner menu @ Capella Sentosa


I think it takes pretty good pictures for a compact camera. I will be bringing this camera for Bali trip next month.

I still love my panasonic GF2 but considering to upgrade since it has already been 5 years. It was really hard to take pictures in low lighting environments. Still considering which model…

Till then…

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