What to wear in my 30s

Turning 30s seems more exciting than turning 21 for me… I felt the difference. Changes in my lifestyle, food preference, perspective and so much more.

One thing that I cannot deny is clothes that I wear. I have stopped wearing mini skirts and tight clothes. One of the many reasons, I have put on massive weight. I use to exercise a lot but I stopped due to work commitment and back injuries.

In my 20’s, the one on the far right (2007)


It seems like it’s easier to dress in 20s than 30s. Anything goes in my 20s… (2012)


I think I put on almost 10kg in this picture (2014)


With wedding this year, I had do something… I exercise 5 times a week (3 times hot yoga & twice dance lessons). I had to stop a few weeks due to my old back injuries. Getting back to the routine again.

Lost 7kg (2016)


In my 30s, it seems like I have to trash all my 20s clothes and get new ones… However, I am doing it slowly. Trying to figure out what suits me… Am I the only one going through this?

Got some items online. This online store sells pretty decent quality clothes. Price ranges USD 40 and above, depending on the items.

1. V-neck long dress


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2. Slim Baggy Jeans


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3. Basic Pocket Shirt


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4. Round Neck Blouse


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Photo Credit: Dahong.com

Trying to go for a more sophisticated  look


Photo Credit: Oggi.tv

Time to start clearing my clothes. Heading to Japan in September. Maybe I can do some shopping too.

Till then…

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