Hong Island @krabi, Thailand

We went to Hong Island, a 15 minute speedboat ride from Sofitel Krabi. We booked through Sofitel @ 1,950 Baht (SGD 75.60) per person.

The Premium package includes:
– return trip to Hong Island
– Snorkeling googles & life vest
– Lunch on island
– Beach map & towels

The trip was about 5 hours, 9.30am – 2.30pm.

The beach was just right in front of Sofitel. We walked to Sofitel speedboat.


This is the Sofitel speedboat. There were 14 of us, excluding 3 Sofitel staff.


We met a really cute couple from Spain. Husband was such a sweetheart to his wife.


We just relaxed on the beach. The waters are clear. You can see fishes in the shallow waters. The beach was not too crowded which was good.


Our lunch, beef with rice




They also provided fresh cut fruits and drinks. Very well thought.

I realized I did not take much photos. Instead, we took more videos with GoPro. Very bad videos though… Haha… Will try to edit and upload soon.

Till then…

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