Try to see the world in a different angle

Feeling emotional for some reason. Might be hormones. No, it is clutter in my life.

I am trying to minimise things in my life. Things mean everything (tangible & intangible). For example, I realised I have 5 foundations when I hardly wear any makeup. I have tons of items that I do not need…

Thoughts… I overthink about everything…

I am trying to declutter…
1. Material items
2. Thoughts
3. People

I see it happening to people around me too.

Material items

It is hard with our current society. We can get almost anything instantly. Abundance with great convenience. It is even harder when sale season is on.

“There is a sale going on! I want to see what I can get!”, I would said. Isn’t it obvious I am getting things that I do not need. I am just getting it because the bargain seems too good to miss.

There is two parts of declutter for material items, in my opinion. Firstly, is to organise and remove unnecessary items. Clothes, get a few good quality pieces instead of quantity. Still working on my capsule wardrobe but I think I am getting there soon.

Secondly, make it a conscious purchase for every single item.


People tend to overthink. A friend was upset after having conversation with another friend. He felt his friend was not making time for him. I asked why, if his friend said anything mean.

My friend replied, “No, it is just a feeling.”

I went on to explain his friend might be busy and his friend is trying very hard to make time for everyone. It is not easy to please everyone because they only see what they can see (or what they choose to see).

After talking, my friend felt better. I think I gave him a different perspective. After a few months, my friend finally figured out what was really going on. It was true that his friend was working hard to fix his time for all his friends.

I realised it is better to clarify and do not assume.

Clear mind enables one to make well-thought decisions, instead of impulsive ones.

Easier said than done but I will keep trying.



Choose wisely… I couldn’t agree more. One can be easily influenced. That is why I really like to spend time with myself, focus and listen to my own thoughts.

However, a certain level of socialising is necessary. Too much solitude is not that good either. This is so much easier when I stopped working.

Removing toxic people around you. It can be a family or a friend.

As I got older, it seems clearer and easier. Some people just distance themselves from toxic people. I like to do it like an exit interview. I would confront them about their behaviour towards me and asked them if it was something I have done to offend them. Then I would tell them how much I have put up with their bullshit and say goodbye. I have done it over the phone, email, text messages and face-to-face.

Necessary? I think so, maybe toxic people are doing it without realising it. I am doing it for closure too. I would also cut off people who tend to believe in gossips. I try not to judge people before getting to know them in person.

Bitchy girls? Nope, both gender applies. The worst are men, men who try to “ruin” your reputation just because one stands firm on their values. One who doesn’t allow men to “get fresh” at them. Unable to “have” them, they try to bring them down.

Honestly, other people should not get involved. Toxic people are friends that I have known for more than 10 years… Some really went to an extend to humiliate and hurt me.

Leaving Singapore seems a good way to put your friendships to test. People who care or those who just do not…

I am very thankful to those who showed kindness to me. Especially when I was at my lowest peak…

However, I also avoid people who does not share similar values too. It might sound extreme but I cannot bring myself to be friendly with those who have extra-marital affairs, those who do not even try to be better and make use of others.

I am not implying I am a saint but I cannot accept those…

Anyway, de-clutter is helping me. On top of that, I think exercise helps to have positive attitude towards life.

Note to self: Stay simple and content. Compare with old self just to make sure you are a better version now. 

Till then…

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