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The Mango Garden @ Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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Happy September

September is a busy month. Out of town for all the weekends. First week to Manila, Philippines for work. Just happy to have a comfortable bed to rest after a long day. Hopefully, a nice swimming pool & a good gym.

Last September, I spent my birthday at River Safari alone.

This year, heading to Bangkok, Thailand @ Banyan Tree. I am excited. I have planned it myself since April. Taking the suite room for 2 nights.


Dinner at Vertigo


Heading to Japan for leisure the following weekend. The last time I went was 9 years ago. It is nice to be able to travel without applying for visa. Changing citizenship is a huge move.

I should blog more frequently… Just realized it has been a year since I last blogged. I should get it started again. A good way to release stress too. Will find some time to blog about Netherlands too.

Okay, done with my random thoughts…

Phuket, Thailand September 2012


What more can I ask? Business trip to Phuket for Offsite, building school for the kids and birthday party. All in one!

How did it all happened?! Well, friends wanted to go for a beach holiday and decided Phuket. After a few weeks, our business unit confirmed that the offsite will be at Phuket too. Best part? I was part of Beyond Borders where employees would volunteer aboard on my birthday.

I thought it must be a gift from God. Really!

It was 14th of September, we headed to the school.

Everyone was assigned to different duties.

The kids put up a performance to welcome us! Hula hooping and clapping to rythms at the same time.
They made it looked easy with the hula hoops so we decided to give it a try.
The children had a good laugh.

We had lunch with the kids. They were so well behaved. They helped to clean up after the meal.
I introduced myself in Thai. I thought it was good but kids seem to think I was fluent in Thai and all started to talk to me.
I just laughed and asked them to teach me Thai.

After lunch, our work started. While the men are distributing candies, we were painting. Just kidding, they were really building with bricks and cement.


Almost done~

Afterwards, we had a performance together. You would know this move… Gangnam style…

This is Kamonrat. She spoke English well. She passed me tissue and water when I was painting. Also got a small token of appreciation from her.

I felt she was kind and thankful that we came. Education came easy for me but I treated it lightly. Others had to travel far just to go to school. Maybe the school do not even have sufficient textbooks or teachers but yet they appreciate and cherish what they have.

Thank you for teaching me to be thankful and kind no matter what situation one is in. It takes a lot of grace and a big heart to share even when one has little or none.

After we completed the tasks, we head back to the hotel. Will post the rest in another entry.