Krabi, Thailand in May 2016

I can’t wait for a holiday break! Travel at least once a month before I am stuck in Singapore for 9 months… If you know what I mean…

I am so excited because I get to spend quality time with my husband. He has been working super hard since we started dating 4 years ago. We met only once a week. Even married, I see him for only 10 minutes each weekday…

Heading to Krabi, Thailand in 2 weeks time. Both of us have never been to Krabi. Our hairstylist was talking to us about their recent company trip to Krabi. He mentioned it was not as commercialized as Bali. There is nothing much to do. Because of this conversation, my husband really wants to go Krabi. We just booked the flight and hotel stay. I have not done any research yet.

Our hotel is located along Klong Muang Beach. Can’t wait to use my GoPro Session 4 while snorkeling. The pictures online looked amazing. I believe it will be breathtaking when we get there too.

As for our Lilo (cat), my BFF will be “cat sitting” her.

Till then…

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