Turi Beach Resort @ Batam, Indonesia

How many times did I stayed with Turi Beach? 3 times. Once for company’s team building, twice for personal trip. Many Singaporeans travel to Batam for 2 reasons. Affordable and it’s just 45 minutes ferry ride away.

The first was in 2011, with my colleague. She is Malaysian and almost forgot to bring her passport because she thought Batam was part of Singapore. It was a good thing I reminded her.

The second time was in 2013 with my husband. He wanted to go somewhere out of Singapore but without taking air flight. I suggested Turi Beach. Was suppose to be there for 2 days and extended for another 2 days. He was surprised that the hotel rates were so reasonable.

The third time was with my previous company’s retreat.

Heading to Turi Beach Resort for the 4th time with my BFF. She went to Batam once and thought it was terrible. She spent about SGD 1, 000 for 3D2N stay. I am trying to change her mind. Hence, I suggested to go Batam with me and stay at Turi Beach.

The room is spacious

Photo Credit: Turi Beach Resort

For food, please try Ayam Penyet (Smashed Chicken) with rice


The view of the beach


I tried the T-Spa once. It was quite relaxing. I would go for massage again this weekend.

Photo Credit: Turi Beach Resort

I got a really good deal from Turi Beach Resort (Sale valid till May 2016)

i. 1 night stay for 2 people (with breakfast)
ii. 2 way ferry transfer
iii. 2 way resort transfer
iv. 20 minutes snorkeling

All the above at SGD 250. I thought it is quite a bargain. Nothing fancy but comfortable room with good service. The hotel is far away from all the malls. However, you can still take a taxi if you like.

If you are interested, refer to the link below

2D1N Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Getaway

Till then…

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