Jakarta, Indonesia February 2016

I booked my ticket back to Jakarta for Chinese New Year pretty last minute.
It has been quite a while since I was back in Indonesia for Chinese New Year. I have not seen my relatives for a long time. Especially my grandmother.

Every time they were in Singapore, I was busy. As I grow older, I realized work is not everything.  There are things that I do not want to do, but I know I have to.


My grandma cried when I bid goodbye. She reached out to hug me. Asians don’t do hugs, especially grandparents. It broke my heart because she feels she doesn’t have much time left.

I felt the same but I don’t express. My husband and I have already planned to visit in March since December. He couldn’t make it for Chinese New Year because of his work schedule.

What can I say about Jakarta? Good food and slow pace. I needed time to adjust. I will update about Jakarta next time.

Happy Chinese New Year.

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