New kitten – Lilo Tamaki

New family member, a kitten. I’ve adopted a kitten of 6 months old.

She will be coming over next week and I am so excited to have her. Actually, my friends are also excited. My BFF is a dog lover but she wants to meet Lilo. That really means a lot to me. My husband is a dog lover but seems excited to have Lilo coming over too.

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. I’ve been considering for the longest time. I was in loved with Scottish Fold cats. I was trying to find where to purchase a kitten. I went on to do some research and watched videos on YouTube about cats. Saw a lot of videos about adopting instead of buying. I have been talking to colleagues who has cats and they were all adopted.

Finally after a year, I decided to visit Cat Welfare Society adoption drive last month. There were many kittens & cats. I checked on all the cats and Lilo was one of the them. She seems quiet & curious. Her face is so adorable.

Signed up to adopt Lilo. The fosterer was really kind, she send out a message to all the potential adopters that it will take some time as there were many people signed up to adopt Lilo. I waited for 2 weeks before she contacted me again for the house visit. They want to make sure the environment is suitable for Lilo.

I was quite surprised that after the house visit, they decided straight away it’s us!

The fosterer was so kind to provide me a list of items I need to get. I can tell the fosterer really wants the best environment for Lilo. She even helped to have Lilo sterilized instead as I injured my leg.

I got the list of items online. I think it is a good way to shop because I can choose from a great variety. I purchased the items from 4 different websites! My husband told me in Japan, e-commerce is way better. You can order in the morning and receive it in the evening. There is even a website that list down the websites that sells the same item & prices.

The websites that I purchased from:

1. – I ordered and received on the same day
2. – Received within 3 days
3. – Received on the following day, $3 CBD charges
4. – Have to wait for 5 working days, shopping cart doesn’t save your items once you are logged out, doesn’t indicate out of stock items until you check-out

Overall, e-commerce in Singapore needs improvement. Firstly, limited varieties to choose from. Hence, I need to get from 4 websites. Secondly, the experience is terrible. Some companies do not invest much and improve their website for customer experience… It isn’t rocket science. Just try to purchase from your website…

I just couldn’t believe the price differences. The litter box I got had SGD 30 difference, comparing from 2 websites.

Anyway, I am excited to meet Lilo again.

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