Owl Cafe in Tokyo, Japan – Akiba Fukuro

Owl Cafe

I love Japan for many reasons.The food, great service, attention to details and of course, Japan is my husband’s country.

Visited the Owl Cafe when I was in Tokyo, in June. Look at this little cutie.


How it works:
You are able to interact with the owls within an hour session. Make sure you are on time.
Drinks are provided for each person.

Selfie with the owl, Cherry Tomato.

The cafe staff were thoughtful. They helped customers to take a professional picture with one of the owls, present it in hardcopy at the end of the session. They also email the soft-copy after a few days later. Japanese service.

Up-close with one of the owls. From the smallest owl to the largest.

Did a random check and found this cafe. Made an email reservation in advanced and there I was for an hour. Good time passed too fast. Before I know it, 1 hour session was over. Go visit owl cafe when you are in Japan. It’s worth the trip.

Cafe Name: Akiba Fukuro
Cost: JPY 1,500
Session: 1 hour
Website: http://akiba2960.com/

P.S: The cafe website states to refrain from taking video. I only realized after a blogger informed me. So sorry.


    1. Jessica Tamaki

      Hi Jen,

      I just checked the website and realized there has been an advice to not take video. I didn’t know.
      Thanks for highlighting.

      I was taking video while holding the owl. Oh dear. I feel so bad now. They didn’t inform me anything when I was taking video.


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