What is that stench?!

I miss durians and found a seller that delivers straight to your doorstep. I was so happy.

There are 2 options, whole durian or sealed pack. I have ordered both for several times.

I prefer the whole durian but I am the only one eating. Minimum order is 1 carton (10kg/5 whole durians). It is hard to finish them all by myself within a short time.

What I had to do is to put them in the freezer.

Below are the sealed packs I bought. There are many times of durians and it is really up to your preference. It does not mean, the most expensive would be the best for you.

Locals asked me how to pick durians and they wanted to buy the most expensive.

My advice is to give everything a try and decide for yourself. Do not let the price be the deciding factor.

There is a chart found online about different types of durian. Check out the website for more information.

Till then…

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