Penang, Malaysia

I am trying to update my previous trips from 2013. Better late than never.

It was a last minute trip to Penang, Malaysia in December. Due to my husband’s busy working schedule, we always do last minute trip.

Penang has great food and street art. At least, that is what most people visit Penang for. I like Penang because they have similar language as mine. I was able to speak my dialect, Hokkien.

We stayed at Eastern & Oriental Hotel for 2 nights at the deluxe suite.

heritage_deluxe3Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

The breakfast at Sarkies Corner was alright with a wide range of selection.

Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

We went for high-tea at 1885.

Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Many people go there for high-tea. There were many Japanese in-house guests and they had menu in Japanese. My tired husband (then boyfriend) feeling relaxed.


I liked the 2 tier sandwiches.


We enjoyed our stay in Eastern & Oriental Hotel. We swam and slept for an hour at the pool.

Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

We did sightseeing too. We went for Penang Street Art.


You can’t really believe all the pictures you see. The above picture seems like it was a relaxing afternoon and an old man just passed by. Out of this picture frame, there were many cars and tourists.

Many tourists were there to take pictures too. You have to wait for your turn. It would be better to visit during weekdays instead.


Pictures that I took at Penang Street Art.


I think this picture is very popular (The Boy On Chair). We had to queue.


I love how they had the ladies of different races. I think I asked my husband to pose for my camera.


I love all the bright colored walls and a brief introduction of Penang’s food culture.


I am a big fan of steamboat and this place is famous. Golden Gate if directly translated. Remember to make reservation.


Steamboat was delicious.


The restaurant exterior


Saw this trishaw at Starbucks.


The trip was enjoyable. We did a lot of walking instead of taking the cab. We walked for about an hour from hotel to Golden Gate Restaurant and back. We always enjoy slow walk.

Till then…

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