Rawa Island, Malaysia July 2012

Rawa Island is like a private beach. It was a wild one. At least, in my context. I saw strangers running butt-naked.

We arrived at the island at 12am and started to party on the beach. It was fun to party and dance away. Found this picture and I have no idea what 2 of my friends are doing.


We woke up to this view in the morning for breakfast.


Home Sweet Home for 2 nights. Nothing fancy but it was awesome for 13 of us to stay under one roof. Kind of…


First victim, he was feeling unwell and just allowed us to draw whatever we wanted.


The other victim was tough. He put on a strong fight. Took many of us to pin him down.


I hope to go back to the island.


And lastly, our group picture except for one friend who was taking this picture.


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