Aman suite @ tokyo, japan

Well… I was only vaccinated twice when we decided to head to Japan.

This means I have to be quarantined for 3 days.

My husband decided to be quarantined at Aman Tokyo. It would be our first time with Aman.

We picked Aman Suite as he needed a private space to work. The Aman Suite layout was just nice for us.

His office space

The dinning area

View from the bedroom

Take bath with a view

We took 4.5 hours in total, from touchdown to Aman hotel. I think it was a good thing we requested airport transfer from Aman hotel. We just felt bad for the chauffeur to wait for us. The time taken was longer than expected.

It was past midnight when we reached the hotel. Husband was happy to see the wine. Son was happy to see chocolates and fruits. I was just happy that we have reached and everyone can shower.

We ordered some food as we did not have dinner.

We requested for 2 cot beds and they were placed on the side. It was a good amount of space.

Quarantine was not as bad as I imagined. Woke up early so I sat at the living room, waiting for the time to wake the kids up.

Food were amazing

Traveling with 2 kids was intense for me. I was able to relax a little due to the good food and service. They provided me a play-mat for my baby. The staff was so thoughtful. They provided more sparkling water as they noticed I drank all on a daily basis.

We stayed for 5 days 4 nights instead of 3 days 2 nights. Once we were confirmed negative, we relaxed ourselves at the pool.

You will not be disappointed with Aman. A night at Aman Suite is about USD 2,000 ++. There are many room categories, just check out their website.

Till then…

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