Traveling during covid era

Finally traveling again…

The last travel trip was December 2019, with my husband and 3 month old baby. He is 2.5 year old now.

This time, I will be traveling with my husband, 2.5 year old and 6 month old baby. I do not know how it will be and I am a paranoid mom.

Just came back from the hospital, did the PCR test. Moms who intend to travel, prepare yourself with your kids crying during the nasal swap. My baby first nasal swap was when he was only 1 week old… He had to be hospitalised for some treatment. He cried so hard and my heart ached.

My big boy was crying so hard during the test but I had to hold him down to avoid him getting the swap stick stuck in his nose. My baby didn’t cry this time.

Results were out in less than 2 hours, got a call from the hospital. Depending on which country you are traveling, the requirements are different. Even the nurse at the hospital was not certain.

Married to a Japanese, I guess it was time to bring the kids back to Japan for a cultural experience. It is time for my son to experience a Japanese speaking environment. It is nice to see his grandparents too. The last time they met was December 2019.

Traveling during Covid Era is so stressful. Feels like there are so many hurdles to overcome.

Good luck.

Till then…

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