ABC COOKING STUDIO – Experience Hokkaido with ABC!

What’s cooking?

My husband was looking forward to this meal. Apparently, he likes this but hardly ever get to eat this in Hong Kong.

It is a different way of cooking the vegetable soup curry compared to other Asian curries. The vegetables had to be deep fried so it is a lot of work preparing it. Not a fan of deep fried but oh well…

Below are the items:

Vegetable Soup Curry
Rice with Assorted Grains
Zangi (Hokkaido-Style Fried Chicken)
Mango Parfaits

I might search for other ways of making this, without deep frying… Not sure it it is possible but I will try.

Husband has been putting a lot of weight since we moved to Hong Kong. I guess Hong Kong has been treating him well…

We will hit the gym together for weightlifting. He will get his personal trainer. Can’t wait to see his transformation.

Till then…

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