Vintage Chanel – Grey Check Suit Set With Matching Pants FR36 1997

Always a fan of Chanel but I never bought their clothes until I was much older.

I came across this vintage suit on Instagram and I fell in love with it. I checked their website and seems legit. Contacted the owner and bought it.

She has a store at Sai Ying Pun where you can try on the clothes. However, due to COVID-19, I just bought it without trying.

It fit but it was tight… Anyway, I brought them to Chanel for alterations as I was also getting a new suit. Usually, we have to pay for alterations if it was not a new item. However, the store manager saw I really loved Chanel suits and decided to waive the alteration fee.

I never experience such nice gesture, elated and thankful.

My very first vintage item. Really enjoy the whole process of finding and purchasing. Hopefully, the world gets better and we can travel again. The first country I would like to visit would be Japan, for my baby to meet the family. Me, shopping at Japan’s vintage stores.

Till then…

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