How I curl my hair within 5 minutes

I have been curling my hair since 18 years old. Started when I saw how Japanese girls did their hair. I was so amazed by their skills and has been learning to create my own curls.

Many advices from Japanese hairstylists, trial and error and finally I think I get the hang of styling my hair.

The featured picture was hairstyle I was having in 2017. Hair was long and straightened as I have natural curls. Did curls to create volume and layers. Husband did not like the look. He said it does not reflect my personality. Agreed and decided to cut my hair to save time from blowdrying long hair.

You might think hair curlers are meant for long hair. Honestly, it can be used for short hair too. You just need to pick the right size of hair curler.

Below is my hairstyle in early 2020


I went through my old pictures to see the evolution of my hairstyles. Starting from 2007, I permed my hair.


In 2008, Indonesian curls at my cousin’s wedding.


In 2010, curls are loose26100_386251125795_4089994_n_3862511257952012, curls are better but it did not look natural


2015 curls

WhatsApp-Image-20160607 (2)

2016, curled ends are dry.


This looks heavy on the bottom with no layers

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 12.04.55 PM

I improved a lot during my days in Hong Kong. Maybe I had more time to experiment with hairstyle and upgraded my hair curler (from Babybliss curler which was bought in Seoul 2009 to Holistic Cures) and hair styling product.

Currently, my hair is longer as I have not gone for a haircut


After so many years, I came to realised there are a few factors to make a hairstyle works for you.

  1. Hair quality – monthly treatment is necessaryYou can go to the professional or do it by yourself. With this virus ongoing, I am doing it by myself for now.
  2. Hair curler – Japanese Hair Curler (HOLISTIC Cures CCIC-G7208B/26mm)
    Highly recommend this because it does minimum damage to your hair, heats up within seconds and travel friendly in terms of voltage. I got it from Japan. I have both the hair curler and straightener. Bought this for ¥15,000 (excluding tax).64__44ob44oq44k544og44kj44od44kv44kr44o844or44ki44kk44ot44ozmjztbq-d-__org
  3. Hair styling product – Japanese hair styling oil, NaplaEven though it is oil but it holds the curls well and keeps your hair moisturised. It was introduced by my hairstylist and I have been using it since then. You can get them online in HK. Got them from Shampoo.HK at HKD 190.

  4. Constant practice
    Now, I take less than 5 minutes to style my hair. I think it is considered fast. Usually, I wash my hair at night so I do not have to wash in the morning. After shower, I can just style my hair. Also, I have short hair. I would need more time if hair is over my shoulders.

How about the Dyson airwrap? Have not tried it. Did considered about it but after watching videos about how people are struggling to use it. Took them a while to how to use it right. Plus, spending HKD 4,000, no thank you. It was a hype for me. The traditional iron curler gives me the flexibility of curling the hairstyle I want.

I am someone who likes to find items that are good and price matches with the quality.

Personally, I feel there are so many good brands out there but not well marketed. Anyway, I find joy in exploring.

Hope this help you. I will update again on the steps of styling my hair soon.

Till then…

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