Métiers d’Art 2019/2020 – LOOK 29

Always wanted to have a complete Chanel suit. It is a long process for me as I consider many factors. People might say it is just clothes. All you need is money to buy.

So what factors do I consider?

i. Is it necessary?

As I am trying to keep things to the minimum, I tend to ask myself if any item I like to purchase necessary.

ii. Will I use it for a long period of time?

As I got older, I tend to consider about the life span of items I would like to purchase. I prefer to get things that are durable.

iii. Does it fit me well?

I used to buy things that I like but never considered if it fits me well. Hence, I prefer to buy brands from Japan as they fit me better. Else, alteration is a must.

On top of that, is there an occasion for it? I only have one little black dress and a long dress. Both to wear for weddings or formal occasions.

iv. Can I afford it?

Spending within my own limits. Of course, there are times when you like to reward yourself. However, if I have to skip meals to buy something, I would not do it.

v. Is there space in my closet?

I limit my clothes based on my closet. I do not have a lot of closet space and tend to keep it that way no matter how much space we have.

So I saw this on Chanel’s website and I fell in love with it. However, pink is really not my colour and wonder if I could still wear it till my 50s.

So I went to try it out and I cannot see myself wearing it out for dinner

So I decided to wait for the black version, in my size and decided to purchase after trying. Yes, I got the jacket and the pants as I really like it in a set and I can wear them separately if I want.

I got both of them altered because I do not have long legs and hands.

Did not get the top and the shoes because I cannot do crop top with my tummy, and gold is not my colour.

Wore it on a dinner date with husband.

I guess I need a long necklace or a belt as I felt something was missing.

Holidays are coming, exercise will continue. Hope to stay in shape so I can wear this for a long time.

Till then…

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