Home Sweet Home – Relaxing Corner, Hong Kong

Cosy corner. I was so excited when I saw it. The house agent and I both said this corner would be great for breakfast and just relax while my husband think otherwise.

This corner was meant for my previous helper to have her meals as she does not want to share table with us.

I was searching for high table and chairs but could not find the right size. Hence, I decided to taobao. Honestly, they have the biggest selection. Of course, the quality might be doubtful. I had to read more of the reviews to make sure the items have decent quality.

Total cost of the furniture excluding delivery charges, HKD 940. I found the same item, selling locally for HKD 4,000. I chose taobao and set this up while I was 5 months pregnant…

My husband was worried about the quality and asked me not to sit on it as I was pregnant. It has been over a year and it seems fine.

Enjoying my homemade cinnamon roll with home-brewed NOC house blend No.18.


Thinking of getting new plates and cup to enjoy cafe style, at home. I miss Crate & Barrel. Oh well, make the best with what I can find.

Till then…


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