2020, unforgettable year

2020, it has been a crazy year. This COVID-19 has reshape habits, working culture and so much more.

Honestly, social distancing is never an issue for me as I have been doing it, most of my life. I can be sociable but it is exhausting for me. I am quite happy that I do not have to meet people and enjoy time at home.

No traveling for I do not know how long but I am quite happy to see pictures of tourist spots with no crowd. Especially the beaches and nature spots. Bad for businesses and economy, I know but don’t you think previously was too much?

I deactivated my Facebook to avoid reading too much negative news.

When we read news about the virus outbreak in China early January, husband and I decided to buy mask. Husband was home with baby and I just went to search for masks. Managed to get 60 pieces of masks. During my pregnancy, I bought a box of masks (30 pieces). We managed to get a good supply of mask before the panic buying started.

However, I do not think it is sustainable to use disposable masks. Hence, we ordered reusable masks. Hong Kong government also provided both reusable and disposable masks.

Initially, I was skeptical about wearing mask even one is healthy. I did it any way so I do not get stares or make people uncomfortable. Now, I changed my mind. It is necessary to wear mask to prevent getting and spreading virus. It is called responsibility.

This lockdown has made me re-think about my home. We are living abroad so we are renting. However, I realised I still need to purchased machines at home. Started to bake more and decided to get a mixer stand and hand mixer.

When I was growing up, we do not bake. We bought everything since it is easy and no hassle. I only started to appreciated home cooking and baking after I became a housewife.

Have been considering for a year on mixer stand and a coffee machine. Maybe it is also the age thing. I prefer to stay home and enjoy food at my own comfort.

Moreover, frequency of husband working from home increased and I am sick of ordering food all the time. Most important of all, I want to make food for my son.

Husband and I has been discussing about having a home of our own, back in Japan. For now, I am working hard to learn cooking and baking.

It can be frustrating with restrictions but what else can we do? I believe everyone would hope things to get back to normal. Maybe, this would be the new norm?

Just keep adjusting…

Till then..

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