The Drunken Pot – Hotpot @ the comfort of your home

Hotpot is my life.

I did not have hotpot during my pregnancy. Yes, advice from doctor and I took her advice seriously. I did not have a decent hotpot after giving birth. Husband is not into hotpot so I decided to have it during my very first Mother’s Day.

I have been to The Drunken Pot twice and find the food decent. The restaurant had a good view too.


However, it was my first time ordering and did not know what to expect.

I went to their delivery website and ordered, included the pot and the gas stove (as deposit). To get your refund of the deposit, you need to return the pot and gas stove within a week.

I used Gogovan service for the delivery. Please write down the order number, total amount paid and ordered date on a piece of paper when returning the items to avoid hassle.

I messaged the staff through facebook but the delivery person had to call me to get all these information, else the staff at Drunken Pot refuse to receive the items. Felt sorry to cause so much trouble to the delivery person. She was so kind and polite.

Anyway, below is the set I ordered.

Before the delivery, I setup the dining table to reduce the mess later.


Delivered items, very well packed.


Food are well packed in a cooler bag. Ice packs were not included. We wanted to keep the food longer before we start to eat.


Pot, gas stove and we also ordered the gas cans.


4 types of soups are well packed and still hot.


Setting up while waiting for my husband.


Enjoying the food while husband is feeding baby


We started eating from 3pm stopped and continued again later at night.

It is nice to have food at home. With baby, eating out is not a good idea. Hence, I am thankful that we enjoyed food at the comfort of our own home.

It was a good meal for my first Mother’s day. I will not be celebrating next year. Why? This meal was ordered by myself and I cleaned up after the meal. I even had to arrange the delivery of the pot and gas stove back. Too much work…

Till then…

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