Breville Barista Touch

Coffee at your own home~

Finally decided to get Breville Barista Touch so we could have any coffee we want, any time of the day. Honestly, just morning and afternoon.

Saw this coffee machine online and researched more into it. Been wanting to get it but it was quite expensive and I wonder if we would really use it.

After I found out our favourite coffee place (nearby) has been closed down, I was devastated. Plus, with this lockdown or should I say myself willingly stay home, and husband working from home, seems like it makes sense to get it.

Saw it at Panasonic Showroom Causeway Bay. They were having a promotion and I got some cash voucher to use.


I did not know that if you use cash voucher, you are not able to enjoy the promotion… I thought I would get a 30% off the original but I got 20% off instead, by using the cash voucher of HKD 2,100.

Original price: HKD 9,980
Purchased: HKD 7,880

I had to head down to Ninki Denki TST outlet to make the purchase. I do not understand the inflexibility of cash voucher. Anyway, I made many calls and the staff were very kind.

It is easy to setup and use. I will need to learn more about maintaining the machine.

It is touchscreen and there is a step-by-step guide. First select the type of coffee you would like.

Make sure you have your coffee beans and it will grind it to your preference, by simply a touch of the screen.

Then, tamper your coffee

Brew it

Last step is to froth the milk.

I have been making coffee every single morning for my husband and myself.

I need proper training on latte art.

Photo Credit: NOC

Till then…

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