Living in Hong Kong During COVID-19

Going crazy with this COVID-19…

Firstly, I am not able to buy grocery online.

No online grocery shopping because all the delivery slots are taken… I had to physically get mineral water, sparkling water, cat litter and other heavy items. The most ridiculous thing is, paper are constantly out of stock.

It was a good thing I bought 27 rolls of toilet roll before this panic buying started. I had a hard time finding kitchen paper towels. So happy when I managed to find some. Each person is limited to 2 each.

Grocery shopping in Hong Kong has been pretty intense. The look on people’s face. So much frustration.

Secondly, all outdoor activities must stop because I have a baby at home. I stopped everything like gym, massage, facial, cooking classes and meeting friends. However, 2 weeks of no gym, I was putting on weight. Hence, I decided to continue. I make sure I wash my hands before & after gym, and when I got home. I wear mask when I am out and take Uber only.

Thirdly, all schools are closed till 16th of March. I guess school visits will have to postpone. I was so excited to bring baby to play group when he is 6 months but I guess I would have to play with him instead.

Fourthly, wearing mask when out. Honestly, if you are not sick, you should not be wearing a mask. It seems to be different in Hong Kong. Everyone is extra careful. I have seen people wearing goggles or gas masks. I get headache if I wear the mask for too long.

For the past few weeks, I was busy buying food to stock up. I had to also find space as my cabinets are all fully pack.

We have a helper’s room (137cm x 210cm) which was really packed with baby stuff. I had to think of how to better use the space. Finally decided to use it as a 3 function room.

  1. Study room
  2. Storage room
  3. Laundry room

Quite happy with the use of space. Below is my space where I can update household stuff, study and chill.

Table is from Ikea – VITTSJÖ Laptop table, white/glass (HKD 399)
Chair from FrancFranc –
Clock from FrancFranc – Not available online (HKD 200)
Candle Warmer from Yankee – Purchased from Singapore (SGD 79)
Curtain from Taobao – Bought previously for my ex-helper (RMB 51.90)

Shelf from Ikea – OMAR 1 shelf section (HKD 599.80)

As for laundry, I need to dry some of the clothes as the old washing machine does not dry well… I do not like to dry my clothes outdoor due to the weather. Hence, I do it indoor. Found a pretty space saving hanger.

Removable Hanger from Pricerite (HKD 265)

I hang the ironing board in the attached toilet. Only open it out when I need to iron.

As for the iron and hangers, I put them on a kitchen trolley from Ikea (HKD 249.90). Below is the initial setup where I have not gotten the study chair.

Took a few weeks to check and moved everything. I should have taken the initial picture of the messy room. There was a cat tree house and the kitchen trolley with just things piled up.

Pretty happy with how organised things got around the house.

Hope things will get better in Hong Kong.

Till then…

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