ABC Cooking License

Finally I got my physical ABC cooking license.

What does it mean? It means I get ABC Cooking Studio’s recipes access online with videos. I am able to teach in ABC Cooking Studio, share the recipes online or open a cafe, using their recipes.

Which I am doing none of that, at least for now…

I believe there is still so much to learn and I would like to be able to prepare healthy meals for my husband and myself.

Not only cooking but able to get good ingredients from Japan. Came across a Japanese supplier that will send ingredients directly from Japan on a weekly basis to your home. Trying it out soon and will share if it is good.

I hate grocery shopping in Hong Kong because it is extremely crowded.

Working on monthly meal plans at the same time with recipes I have, in English, Mandarin and Japanese.


If you do not take care of your health, who will.

You are what you eat
– Victor Lindlahr

It is a long process and I am still working on it. Thinking of upgrading my skills on nutrition too.

Till then…

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