Mori Digital Art Museum exhibition @ Tokyo, Japan

Exploring Tokyo by myself, as always.

I was in Tokyo 3 months ago and wanted to visit Mori Digital Art Museum. I saw a video posted on FaceBook newsfeed. However, it was not officially opened. Finally got the chance when I was in Tokyo 2 weeks ago.

Yes, this place would be very instagramable (インスタバイ), provided one takes good pictures. Honestly, I do not… However, I wanted to visit because it looked interesting.

Wander through the Crystal World

Forest of Lamps

This was just along the walkway but I just liked it a lot

I also tried tea at En Tea House, just for the experience. Tea was just tea…

1. Is it worth visiting?
Personally, yes. I have not been too any digital art museum and I enjoyed it a lot.

2. How long does it take to complete the tour?
I took 2 hours.

3. What to wear?
You might be curious why but there were mirrors on the floor and some climbing up the slopes. I wore pants and shoes.

4. Who should visit?

Best to get the tickets online to avoid queueing. The ticket is a QR code that needs to be scanned before entering. You need to pick the date you like to visit.

Visit their official website to get the tickets and understand the museum layout.

I enjoyed it, it seems like a new way to enjoy art. However, some display are more animated than usual, I got dizzy. Just take note and have fun.

Till then…

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