St Regis Singapore – Staycation

I went for a staycation with St Regis Singapore last weekend. I have been at home for almost 6 weeks due to my foot injury. My husband wanted to celebrate the removing of cast and thought I would be able to move by then…

Actually, I had to go there with removable cast and clutches. The room was comfortable. Had a good bath even though the bathtub was leaking. Yes, it was leaking. I had to be super careful because I don’t want to fall again.

I have not washed my foot for 5 weeks when I had the cast… I really enjoyed my bath.


We had dinner at LaBrezza, Italian Restaurant.


I was surprised that the lobster salad and the cheese platter was so good.

Breakfast was nothing fantastic so I am not going to write anything about it. Instead, I am going to write about my past 6 weeks struggles.

I fell on 12th of October. It has been 6 weeks and I am still not able to walk. My foot was on cast for 5 weeks and it didn’t helped much. In fact, my condition got worse. I lost my muscles because no movement of my ankle due to the cast, even though it was metatarsal injury. I started to have backaches too (I had back injury previously).

For the past 6 weeks, I was not able to move much, had to eat on the bed and my husband had to shower me. I only showered every 2 or 3 days… Thankfully, my mom got me a stool so I could sit down and shower myself instead.

I took an ambulance to the hospital because I could not even walk. I did many x-rays but was told the foot will heal by itself…

My foot hurts and swell up every time I try to put my foot down. It is very uncomfortable feeling.

Anyway, I have seek a second opinion and hope to recover soon. Now, I am going about 3 times a week to see the doctor for physiotherapy. At home, I need to do some physiotherapy on my own too and some slight massages.

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