How I passed my JLPT N2

Honestly, there is no shortcut to pass JLPT except hard work…

This is my second time taking JLPT N2. Yes, I did not pass the first time.

I realised my weakness is grammar and vocabulary, which means I need to put in more hours of studying.

I have been taking Japanese intensive class (Monday to Friday, except Wednesday), 3 hours each day. 12 hours of Japanese class per week, plus 3 hours each day to revise and do homework.

On top of that, I completed 4 JLPT exercise books within 3 months. That, I do not know how long I took but there are times when I just revise 14 hours straight with little break in between.

In another words, I spend minimum 40 hours each week to study Japanese, within 3 months.

Exercise books that I recommend which are really concise, Shin Kanzen Master

 I took a longer time as I need to translate of the the words.

I also study when I travelled. Most of my Japanese notes are on iPad. I use Notability (paid app but it’s worth paying).

In the end, below are the 4 books I completed.

Hope it helps those who are preparing for JLPT. Do not be discourage if you did not pass. Just have to prepare and take the exams again.

Till then…

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