Best way to travel to/from Hong Kong Airport (Central)

24 minutes to/from Hong Kong Airport with Hong Kong Express Train @ HKD 129.

Hong Kong is a country where pricing doesn’t seem to make sense and you need to find the best deal.

When I first came to Hong Kong, I thought the best way to and fro the airport would be taxi. I was so wrong. Taxi takes longer time and cost HKD 400 (estimated), one way to central.

I travel monthly for leisure and I realised Hong Kong Express Train is the fastest and cheapest. I do not have to worry about the traffic and I can check-in my luggages before taking the train. Depending on the airline, you are able to check-in your luggage 24 hours before flight.

Return trip (Hong Kong Station/Airport)
HKD 205 with Smart Ticket
HKD 220 with Octopus
HKD 129 with Klook

To / From Single Journey / Same Day Return Round Trip
Octopus Smart Ticket Klook Smart Ticket Klook
Hong Kong $110 $115 $72 $205 $129
Kowloon $100 $105 $66 $185 $117
Tsing Yi $65 $70 $41 $120 $74

Most efficient option, Klook (HKD 129, savings of HKD 91). Best part, you do not have to queue to get the tickets and tickets comes in QR Code.

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Photo Credit:

I am a big supporter of Klook. If you do not have Klook, go download the app from the link below to get HKD 25 off for the first time.

In this case, your return Hong Kong Express Train will be HKD 104!

Base on my monthly travel, I save HKD 1, 092! My husband call this “Obansan skillset”.

Till then…


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