Kashiwaya – Japanese Food @ Central, Hong Kong

Michelin Two Star Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong

Established in 1977, the restaurant was first opened by Hideaki Matsuo’s father, Tadanori Matsuo. Hideaki Matsuo, current chef owner, was granted the role of Head Chef of Kashiwaya in 1992. Chef Hideaki Matsuo’s philosophy of food and art is to retain traditional high quality kaiseki experience while creating harmony among food, atmosphere and service. Kashiwaya remains as one of the most reputable and long standing restaurants in Osaka. The restaurant received two stars title from Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka in 2010, then three stars in 2011 for seven consecutive years to date.


In 2014, Hideaki Matsuo decided to branch outside of Japan to share this unique culinary experience to other parts of the world. Hong Kong was considered the best melting pot location with diners who appreciate the fine art of various cuisines, especially Japanese. Kashiwaya Hong Kong is the only oversea branch of the Michelin three starred Kashiwaya of Osaka. Kashiwaya Hong Kong was honored to receive two stars title from Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2017.

My husband wanted to try this restaurant so we went.

We tried the Akane Kaiseki Course for dinner

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.09.06 PM.png
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batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 7 09 36 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 7 19 39 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 7 34 03 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 7 51 14 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 8 12 53 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 8 45 19 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 9 02 17 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 9 25 05 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 9 53 52 PM


batch_Photo 26-1-2018, 10 07 38 PM

Very delicate Japanese taste and we would be back for sure.

We heard the service from staff was bad so we chose to take the counter, close to the chef. Service was not so bad, just had some difficulties with communication.

Address: 8F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong
Operating Hours: 12 00 – 13 30, 18 00 – 21 00 (Monday – Saturday)
Phone: 2520 5218

Till then…

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