Astalift Renewal Skincare Japan

I have been struggling for a year after I quit my 6 years with SKII.

My skin was oily but changed to sensitive and dry after SKII, to a point where it hurts just cleansing my face with mild facial foam.

I went back with Chanel skincare with Chanel facial every 2 weeks to get my skin back to hydration. After 1 year with Chanel skincare, it has been alright but I felt my skin is still dehydrated sometimes. I had to constantly put hydrating mask.

I decided to explore Japanese skincare products because it works well and seems to cater well with sensitive skin. I decided to try Astalift Renewal Trial Set (5 days). It lasted for almost 2 weeks.

My skin is sensitive and dehydrated, hence pores are big with red patches. I see a great difference after using it. My skin is well hydrated and less redness.

Below is the comparison (bare face)


A little bit of Astalift, it is created by Fujiflim Japan. Below are the official information on how they combine the technology to skincare.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 10.30.39 PM.png

Product works well and I am getting it for my new skincare routine. Of course I will be getting in Japan.

However, it can also be purchased online and collected in Hong Kong if not traveling to Japan. However, it would be more expensive. Have not made the price gap comparison yet.

Collection is at any FotoMax outlet. It is crazy to think of collecting skincare at a photoshop but it is under Fujifilm.

I believe if I continue to use it, it will further reduce the redness and constantly keeps my skin hydrated.

Till then…

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