KFit Fitness Pass Review – Infiniti Fit @ Central, Hong Kong

Attended Yoga Stretch in March 2017 (through KFit) when I just came to Hong Kong.

Question 1: Where is Infiniti Fit located?

11/F, Hong Kong House, 17-19 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Photo Credit: http://www.infinitifit.com.hk/

Photo Credit: http://www.infinitifit.com.hk/

Question 2: What type of classes do Infiniti Fit has?

They have many type of classes to take. Too many to list in a table. Just check out their website for the details.


Question 3: Which class should I sign up?

Too many options to choose from. I personal like the stretch classes because my body is stiff. I like to increase my flexibility.

Question 4: How much is one class?

5 lessons for HKD 999. 1 lesson for HKD 350.

Check out their website


I liked the class but KFit only allow once a month for Infiniti Fit. The yoga instructor was female but had recently changed to male instructor instead.

Updated June 2017

Attended Yoga for stiff neck & shoulders with the male instructor. It was a good session. He is very polite and would ask for permission before he assist the students.

I was stiff as a tree trunk… Hahaha… It was good.

Till then…

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