Chanel Pre-Fall 2018 – Pants

Was looking for an outfit for my son’s pre-nursery interview when we visited Singapore in December 2019.

We went to Chanel as I saw something that might be suitable for the interview. It was my first time shopping for Chanel suit. We went to Takashimaya Chanel outlet while baby was being taken care by our in-laws.

While shopping, we found out that there was a mark-down sale, 40% off. Hence, husband picked some outfits for me to try on.

I guess we were late on the sale as not much items left. I tried on the pants and vest. I really like them both but husband does not agree on the vest.

As for the interview outfit, we only got the jacket as my husband said the skirt does not flatter my shape…

I still like the vest and skirt though… Anyway, we got 3 items; jacket, pants and brooch.

Always into simple and classic design so the items I picked does not have huge logo and I can wear them for a long time.

I enjoy shopping with my husband as it is a way for us to spend time together. We do not do it that often. Usually when we travel to Japan, at the end of each year. We would visit our favourite store, Tomorrowland Japan.

Due to the arrival of the baby, we thought visiting Singapore and inviting in-laws would be a better option. We did not expect Singapore trip in December 2019 would be the last trip

We planned to visit Taiwan in March 2020 & Japan in July 2020. Both had been cancelled. In-laws met baby in December 2019 and have not seen baby since then.

I would send pictures and videos every day and do monthly video calls so baby can recognise his grandparents.

Anyway, with COVID-19 still going on, shopping in Japan would be a dream.

Hong Kong is a great place to shop too. I cannot complain. Hope things will become better soon.

Till then…

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