My Discovery of Eye Lash Perm & Tint

Writing this post at 2am because I had too much caffeine…

 I am always checking out girls just because they look amazingly beautiful. Those long, dark lashes. I always thought it’s in the genes.

Maybe for some but most of them did eye lash perm and tint. Say what?! Tinting lash is like dying eye lashes so the lashes looks thicker. No mascara needed. How wonderful.

Eye lash perm

Photo Credit:

I think this is great for lazy people like me. I don’t have to use mascara and eye lash curler anymore. Less makeup steps and easier to remove the makeup.

Apparently, eye lash perm last 6 weeks and I tried it.

I felt slight difference and thought I looked less sleepy than usual. Haha… My husband didn’t find any difference

My eye lash perm results

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 2.20.20 AM.png

My husband secretly took the above picture while I was admiring him.

Eye lash perm cost HKD 450 (SGD 80) and takes an hour to complete. It’s crazy to do this every 6 weeks… I can buy iPad Pro if I go for 10 sessions of eye lash perm… I rather pick iPad Pro…

Anyway, I find it too expensive but will search for cheaper options. I will perm and tint my eye lashes the next time.

Till then…

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