Francfranc – Japanese Home Furnishing Store

Francfranc was introduced by a friend in Singapore. I visited the store in Vivo City (closed down in 2014) once. I am not sure why I was not impressed at that time.

I visited Francfranc in Japan in 2015 and fell in love. I guess love at first sight hardly happens to me.

I was so happy when I knew Francfranc was available in Hong Kong.

Originated from Japan since 1992, Francfranc proposes home furnishing products that accentuate space management through coordination of stylish while practical designed items. Francfranc offers pleasing, quality products at reasonable prices. Through an extensive lineup of items at different seasons, our desire is to help customers in creating enriched spaces for an enjoyable daily life.

Just love the shopping experience with Francfranc.

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When we moved to Hong Kong from Singapore, we did not move all the furniture we had because we have not got a place in Hong Kong. I also heard the living space in Hong Kong is smaller.

Anyway, below are some items I got from Francfranc Hong Kong

17SS Tote Bag Emboss Logo (HKD 380)

FRASSE Full Apron (HKD 350)

Pioni sofa + couch (HKD 4,500 + HKD 5, 500)


Pioni Dining table (HKD 4, 200)

Fell in love when I saw the display at Francfranc Causeway Bay


However, I had to rearrange to fit our new home


This will be my cosy corner where I enjoy home cooked meals with my husband and cat. Also my study corner.

Francfranc Hong Kong is so much more expensive. Look below for the comparison.

No Item Japan Hong Kong Price Difference
1 Pioni Table ¥ 45, 000
(HKD 3,140)
HKD 4, 200 +33%
2 Pioni Couch ¥ 55, 000
(HKD 3,840)
HKD 5, 500 +43%
3 Pioni Sofa ¥ 45, 000
(HKD 3,140)
HKD 4, 500 +43%
4 Tote ¥ 4, 000
(HKD 280)
HKD 380 +35%
5 Apron ¥ 4, 000
(HKD 280)
HKD 350 +25%

The only way is to get VIP card for 20% discount on your birthday or special promotion period. This is the only way to minimise the price difference. To be the VIP, just spend HKD 5, 000 and the membership will be lifetime. However, only available in Hong Kong.

Besides the shopping experience, I also love the product quality.

Visit Francfranc Hong Kong website for more information.

Currently they have 4 outlets in Hong Kong. I have visited 3 outlets. I am so lucky to be staying near one of the outlets. Francfranc is one of the options to purchase furniture in Hong Kong besides IKEA.

Till then…

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