2D1N in Paris, France

I always thought Paris has been overrated but I was glad I visited with my husband. Paris has its beauty. I love the buildings, food and culture. Some people might find French cuisine pretentious. I find it rather enjoyable. Waiters & waitresses take pride in their work and extremely attentive. It is a profession, not just a part-time job.

I find Parisian ladies extremely attractive somehow. I was figuring out what is it that makes them so attractive and came to a conclusion. There are a few factors. Firstly, they have minimal makeup. The makeup key-point is to create that flawless skin and with red lips. They just look on point and nothing too much on the eyes.

Secondly, the hair. It has that “airy” look.

Thirdly, they walk with elegance, even in heels or boots.

Lastly, they are slender. Of course, we are already in the 21st century where beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours but looking at them makes me want to lose my chubs…

Just a picture of Nine Marie d’Urso for reference of French ladies I saw in Paris


Anyway, we started our morning with French breakfast at Eric Kayser near the hotel we stayed, Novotel Paris Gare De Lyon.

Photo Credit: http://painrisien.com/

It was a wonderful breakfast. We came in and waited for our turn. A lady came and stood next to use. The staff turned to serve her first because she was standing n front of us. She was so kid to inform that we came first. We exchanged warm smiles.

The staff then try to speak English to us. So thankful we did not have any bad experience. I realised the need to learn French if I ever want to visit and experience more of France. Besides, it is always good to learn new things.

The interior


My breakfast


After breakfast, we did visit some tourist spots.

View of the streets after we visited Arc de Triomphe


It was a lovely walk but I was afraid of being picked-pocket so I was extremely attentive to my surroundings. I am very paranoid because French people told me how their Asian colleagues got robbed in Paris.

Along the way to Arc de Triomphe, I passed by Chanel cosmetic store and bought myself the eyeshadow that was out of stock in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. I was so surprised they had stock in Paris.


At night, we took a 2 hour cruise to see the night view of Paris


Very beautiful and I brave out in the cold to enjoy the view and took some pictures. One of my favourite pictures.


I think it is a great way to see Paris with minimal effort and in a short time.

My husband insisted I should take a picture with the Eiffel Tower


The following day, we had lunch at Le Train Bleu before heading to Dijon. It is located at Gare de Lyon railway station.


My chubby husband, happy with French food


In France and Italy, I realised people do not use phone during meal times in restaurants. It is an etiquette. I enjoy spending at least 2 hours for my meals with good food and quality time with my husband.

I really enjoyed my 2D1N trip in Paris and would love to go back again. Hopefully, I would be able to speak basic French by then.

Till then…

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