Finnair Business Class – Singapore/Paris

Long haul flight from Singapore to Paris (18h 35 m with stopover at Helsinki).

My husband decided to travel with more comfort for our honeymoon. We did some research and decided to go with Finnair. He read Japanese blogs about Finnair lounge & food was really good, hence he wanted to give it a try.

Our initially plan was to go to Finland to watch the northern lights. However, we had to postpone and re-arranged the travel date due to some unforeseen circumstances.

 It is the new airplane, Airbus A350 – 900 for our trip to Paris

Airbus A350 – 900 Seating

Photo Credit: Finnair

Flying business class, you get to enjoy the access to the lounge (Qantas Lounge). It was really good because we get to shower before our long haul flight.

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Photo Credit:

Located at Changi Airport Terminal 1

Photo Credit:

They served hot meals upon request. It was delicious but the chef was quite nasty when I asked where I can order for hot meal. I asked nicely with a smile though. Since she was cooking, I should just let it pass or I will get special ingredients for sure.

However, she was super friendly to the family, next table to us. I can’t seem to figure out why except the difference of our colour… Honestly, why have to be so bitchy… We are all humans. Just treat people how you want to be treated. Yup, still upset about it… I just wish for equal treatment…


Finnair business class full-flat seat

Photo Credit: Finnair

Full-flat seat was great for us as we can sleep during the long flight. My husband sleeping like a baby.


 Food was great too. My dinner at 1 am.


My breakfast 2 hours before landing


A lot of leg space for my not so long legs


There was complimentary wifi onboard for business class passengers. Just enter the voucher code  provided on the screen.


We had a stopover at Finland and went to the Finnair Lounge for about 2 hours before our next flight to Paris

Photo Credit:

The lounge is huge and some the design reminds me of Ikea

Photo Credit:

We also visited Moomin shop during our stopover


Overall, the experience was good. I have taken business class from Garuda Indonesia, Finnair, Swiss Airline and Singapore Airlines. I personally felt Finnair was the best. Staff was genuinely friendly and the food was delicious. I will do reviews and comparison between the different airlines.

I will try to update my honeymoon trip slowly.

Till then…

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