My 3 weeks in Haarlem, Netherlands

I was in Netherlands for 3 weeks to visit my sister in April/May 2014. Time flies and it has been 2 years since I last met her. I just realized I didn’t post much about my stay in Netherlands and I thought I should do it before I lose my pictures…

My sister married to a Dutch and left Singapore 12 years ago. She lives in Haarlem, Netherlands. I had a great time staying over at her place. Spending time with the kids and get to know them better.

I travelled alone, first time to Europe with Air France.

10259718_10151993529785796_1054721893063659894_n (1)

My husband (then boyfriend), having dinner with me


He was so sweet. He sponsored my flight to Netherlands as Christmas & Valentine’s Day gift. He sent me off the day of my trip and thought I would miss Chinese food, decided we should have a feast before I leave.

My trip has been pleasant. People extended their help when I was putting my backpack up in the luggage compartment and taking it down. They were just being nice but I can manage. I just thanked them with a big smile.

13 hours of flight in economy class has been awesome  with my blessed short legs. De Groot family picked me up at the airport. I was so happy to see them. We head back home (Haarlem) for a quick lunch.

Tomato Beef soup with bread (not the best photo of Cruz but yeah…)


After lunch, we headed to a fun fair in town that happens every year at Grote Markt (Mid-April to end-April).

Cruz & brother-in-law


Skye & me


Cruz is super hyper (trying hard to communicate with me in limited English)


Cruz playing game on his own


Actually, he had some help from his dad and got his prizes


Nutella Churros (I was excited to see brands that I was working for at that time)


Skye with her new ribbon


Took the Ferris Wheel with Skye


A good view of Haarlem


It was a good start of my trip. I will try to upload more of Netherlands trip soon.

I can’t believe De Groot family will be in Singapore in 3 weeks time! Excited for my husband to meet them.

Summer time in Netherlands now. Skye & Cruz, getting ready for Singapore.


Till then…

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