In search of the wedding dress

Honestly, it was such a tough task to find my wedding dress because there are so many options to choose from.

Before I got together with my husband, I already have a ideal wedding dress182612_496952665795_7797712_n.jpg
Silly as it might sounds but I bet I am not the only one. I did google search for wedding dresses and came across this by Paolo Sebastian.


Did you notice that both of the dresses accentuate legs? My husband was brutally honest with me. He told me I have athletic legs and I wasn’t in my best shape at that point of the time. It’s true, I put on 10kg from stress.

I realized I have to be realistic and find what suits me.

In Singapore, most brides rent their wedding dresses and evening gowns. Usually, the bridal shop would provide wedding dress rental, makeup & photography services. Depending on your preference, it ranges from SGD 4, 500 and above.

A few of my friends got married and they shared with me their experiences. 2 of my friends actually had their wedding dresses made to measure. They did it in their countries, both of the dresses were below SGD 1, 000. In Singapore, made to measure would cost about SGD 5, 000. At least that was what I found.

A few bridal shops we went in Singapore early last year to search for the wedding dress. There’s 2 that we were considering.

1. Jessica Cindy

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.14.28 PM

2. Silhouette Atelier

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.08.32 PM.png

For Jessica Cindy, it is made to measure. This place was actually recommended by my husband. He saw the writeup on one of the Singapore’s Japanese Expat magazines. I got to try a few dresses but was thinking of having my own design.


For Silhouette Atelier, I just did a google search. They provide ready made wedding dresses. They let me try out a few and I liked this.


We were heading to Japan in May last year. Since we were heading there, my husband suggested us to see wedding dresses in Japan before we decide. I am so happy that both of us were planning the wedding together. No stress at all.

I was concerned of the wedding dress prices. I do not see the point of getting a SGD 5, 000 wedding dress for my wedding but my husband thought otherwise. He told me he wanted me to pick the one I like and price would not be a concern.

However, I still think we need to find one within reasonable price range. It would be best if it was a purchase than rental as we need to bring it over to Bali for the wedding. In the end, we got the wedding dress in Japan.

Till then…

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