Graduation – Digital Advertising & Analytics

Took part-time studies for a year on digital advertising and analytics. I am so glad I have graduated. It was really hard to manage with a full time job that requires you to work extra hours…

WhatsApp-Image-20160607 (1)

12 years ago, I was on this stage to receive my diploma. 12 years later, I am back on the same stage.


I always wanted to major in theatre studies but was told to study something that actually gets me a job… Was choosing between law and programming and I chose programming. First year I did well, top 10%. The second and the third year, I slipped for many reasons.

However, I am glad I did programming. It really helped me at work and also during my part-time studies. Coding came easier for me. Anyway, one of the modules was on Google Analytics. Part of the module, I had to work with a company on their website. I used what I have learnt and provide perspective and recommendations. I am glad they took the recommendations.

I also applied what I learnt on my blog. Hope to create better content and bring more traffic.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.28.11 PM

I enjoy working with data and hope to pursue my Masters in data analytics. Full time or part-time? Still considering.

Now, 2 diplomas and 1 degree holder. Hopefully, I get my masters before 35.

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Till then…

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