Venetian Macao @ Macau, China

I visited Macau 6 years ago. Trying hard to find the pictures but I just can’t find any… That is why people need to blog about their travel trips.

We stayed at Venetian Macao during our visit to Macau. The room was really spacious.

3000x930_0002_grand20canal20shoppesPhoto Credit: Venetian Macao

You get your own living room

Photo Credit: Venetian Macao

bathroom was spacious too

royale-03pgPhoto Credit: Venetian Macao

They have a casino within the area. I went to have a look since it was free entrance. It was 1am when I went. I saw many old people sitting outside and sleeping. What my friend explained to me was they are waiting for morning to take public transport to go home.

This is quite disturbing to me. The obsession is real. They give up their sleep just to gamble.

If you are hungry, there are many dining options. One of them is the food court.


The shopping mall

Photo Credit:

Travel around Macau to visit many places. One of them Macau Tower. Care for a walk?


Ruins of St Paul’s

Photo Credit:

Senado Square

Photo Credit:

Try the famous Pork Chop Burger

Photo Credit:

Macau is beautiful with many historical buildings. You have to visit at least once. Include Macau in your itinerary when you visit Hong Kong. You can do either a day trip or 1 night stay. It’s just a ferry ride away.

Till then…


    1. Jessica Tamaki

      Wow, sounds great! Guess Macau left you a great impression. Happy planning and have a great trip. =)

      Share your experience again. Looking forward to your post. Maybe I might just change my mind and visit Macau again.

      Liked by 1 person

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