Tokyo Marriott Hotel @ Shinagawa

I am just happy to travel to Japan. I am thankful that usually I would go with my husband during his business trips. It means I would get to stay at nice hotels.

In Japan, hotels can be pretty expensive. A week of hotel stay would cost more than SGD 3,000. For my personal trip, AirBnB would be one of my options. However, there are smaller hotels you can choose from. I will share my experience in another post.

My husband loves Tokyo Marriott Hotel for several reasons.

Firstly, it is convenient to go to his business meetings. He told me Shinagawa is like Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar, centralized.

Secondly, there are restaurants even late at night. You should try Shinatatsu Ramen Alley located under the subway track (Shinagawa Station). I wanted to visit the shops again during my last trip but some outlets were having renovation (better foundation against earthquake) till May 2016.

Thridly, it is near to Haneda Airport. You can take limo bus from Marriott Hotel directly. Below are the charges for the transportation to both airports.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.47.10 AM

Fourthly, Egg Benedict for breakfast is heavenly delicious. There is 2 types of breakfast to choose from; Breakfast buffet or Breakfast Ala Carte. For egg benedict, choose Breakfast Ala Carte.


Lastly, comfort of the room. It is spacious and the bed was really comfortable and so was the bathroom.

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Many people go to Tokyo Marriott for the food too. The place that you would be dining for food.


They always have some promotion going on for food.

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My husband is heading back to Japan for another business trip. This time, I will not be joining him… 仕事、頑張ってね。

Till then..

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