Business or Leisure

I use to think it would be great to travel for business. Killing two birds with one stone. You get to stay at nice hotels and travel comfortably.

Maybe it is just me. I realized I can’t. Business trips are mostly events related. Would need to setup overnight and clearing afterwards. The only thing I want after that would be a good bath and sleep. Waking up the next morning for market visit and head off to the airport.

Reached Singapore at night and have to work the next day. In between the business trip, you still need to check your emails.

Last year I went to Netherlands for my holiday, came back to Singapore and headed to Philippines the next day. The only thing I can say is, I was almost dead…

I’ve seen my friends who travel for work like crazy. Heading to China, Asia and USA within a month.

I feel worst if it is the week of that month if I travel…

Maybe it depends on the roles & responsibilities of the job.

All I can say is I am not those who is able to mix work and leisure.

However, I do enjoy the time alone during business trip. I like having breakfast alone. I love solitude. Maybe I am an introvert.

Last year, I was tagging along my husband (then boyfriend) for his Japan business trip. I was all so relaxed while he really can’t. He had to wake up early, do all the preparation for the following day meeting and secretly looking for proposal ring. He felt so sorry for not spending time with me but I understood that business comes first.

Maybe I should chat with my friends, understand how they manage. Maybe they are also struggling?

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