Sydney, Australia

Heading to Australia for the first time. Cannot believe what took me so long. Should have gone to Australia 10 years ago when I had the chance. Holding Indonesia passport wasn’t the best experience I got when it comes to traveling. At least for me and some of my friends. A good friend of mine had to apply Australia visa twice to get approval.

Another friend got hold up in the USA immigration for 3 hours when he was on business trip. And he was traveling with his Japanese clients. The horror he had to go through.

I am luckier in a sense that I got my visa approval the first time. However, it seems easier when you apply visa within Asia. Immigration checkpoint, I do get some interesting encounters.

Some I heard, had no issues when traveling with Indonesia passport. So I guess it depends…

Anyway, super excited about my trip. As i grow older, I feel I need more space. Traveling alone is the best experience I can get. I enjoy the solitude. Walking and observing the locals’ daily lives. Learning about the culture, understanding why they do the things they do etc.

I love taking pictures of everything except myself. Haha… Gone were the days of selfie…

Random picture I took in Netherlands. Hope to take nice pictures in Australia. I have been lazy when I was traveling to Vietnam and Taiwan.


Meeting friends over at Sydney too. Bringing local jam, Kaya over. However, the long flight drives me crazy. Even though I have short legs but seating for 8 hours wouldn’t be a pleasant experience unless with Business class.

Anyway, gonna make this trip an awesome one. After working so hard, I deserve a good break.

I need to do my research soon and getting all the travel passes…

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