BABY ITEM REVIEW – eguchitoys Kid’s Dinning Table

I saw this furniture when I was pregnant with my first child. Due to space constraint, it was not a good idea to purchase.

This year, we have decided to move out of the apartment that we have been living for 6 years. Managed to find a house with a good amount of space for the kids to play and husband to work from home

Hence, I decided to purchase this after 4 years.

Handmade wooden toys for little hands at the start of life

eguchitoys provides children something that they can really make use of it. 

No matter it’s a furniture, a cloth, a tool or a toy, we need to consider capability and size of child’s hands, intelligence and safety.

Instead of giving them just a toy, eguchitoys provides anything what their hands ask for.

Designed by Kentaro Eguchi. Made in Taiwan.

It is really hard to find good quality furniture for the kids, at a reasonable price.

This table and bench are designed for kids from 2 – 8 years old. We can place it outdoors for our kids to enjoy. I bought this in Hong Kong but went to check online for more items. I got dinner ware for the kids. Nice to have playdates too.

Did initiate a playdate and kids seemed to enjoy. Had to remove the jar and flower vase due to safety reason.

Now, we are using the table for my 3 year old son for all his meals. Sometimes, 1 year old brother would join.

You can check their website. They deliver out of Taiwan.

Till then…

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