BABY ITEM REVIEW – Vanzon by ONSON White Noise Machine

What is the best thing for moms? Baby sleeping through the night…

It is such a blessing to learn about sleeping training and how white noise machine is so necessary for new born.

Initially, was using phone app to play white noise but decided to get a machine. Found this on and still using it. Bought it in 2020 but it seems they have upgraded the machine in 2021.

Previous look

Current look but the function seems to be similar

We bring it for our staycations too.

Baby is turning 2 years old soon, might want to wean off from the white noise machine. I am still researching what is the best way for my son. I will share once I have wean him off from white noise machine. I guess it is about time since he is turning 2.

My baby sleeping in his own room. He sleeps through the night since he was 4 months old. Bought him a soft toy when he turned one year old. Now, he has 4 soft toys to keep him accompany.

Till then…

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