ABC COOKING STUDIO – Two Thai Curries for Midsummer

What’s cooking?

Excited for this class as I miss Thailand so much.

I was looking forward to Goong Pad Pong Karee as it is hard to find it in Hong Kong Thai restaurant.

I remembered I took Googng Pad Ping Karee with ABC Cooking Studio a few years ago. It was delicious but I did not make it again as I do not know where to get the crabs.

Recently found a place to get the correct type of crabs from nearby wet market. Will drop by soon.

Green Curry / Rice / Goong Pad Pong Karee (Thai Shrimp & Egg Curry Stir-Fry)

Fresh Spring Rolls with Smoked Salmon

Coconut Cream with Mango & Peach

Husband loved this meal and requested for me to cook again…

I will need to go bu those crabs.

Till then…

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