Tamaki Kitchen – Paella

What’s cooking?

Paella quick meal with Oisix.

Yes, trying out ready made food from Oisix and sharing it online. One way to cook for husband even I have little time.

Honestly, do not know how the Japanese mom does it… I have a nanny to help me so I can have time for myself. I am also considering to have a helper to help with the cleaning.

Anyway, the paella set is about HKD 120. Below is the set with instructions.


The set has 1 pack of sauce and 1 pack of ingredients.


You will need to prepare 1.5 cups of rice. Rinse the rice and pour 200ml of water into the rice cooker pot.


Then place the sauce


Followed by the frozen ingredients


Press start and food will be ready in whatever your rice cooker takes to cook rice. Mine took 60 minutes.


It was okay and the amount is meant for 4 people. Couldn’t finish.

I did learn how to make it in ABC Cooking Studio.


Also made it at home


Give it a try with the Oisix quick meal. Hope you will like it.

Till then…

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